Pro-touring f-body makes no claims of fit or  performance
as all products and services are sold for off road and
competition use and are not  DOT. approved.

All sales are final

Pro-touring f-body will not be held liable for miss use
and/or miss application.

Pro-touring f-body will warranty only it's own
manufactured products if found to be defective for one
year  from date of purchase, incorrectly installed,
modified or abused parts will void the warranty.

Product not manufactured by Pro-touring f-body will be
covered under the terms of the manufacturer.

It should also be understood that a fair amount of
knowledge in automotive is required to do some of the
modifications required, if you do not understand the
needs to complete the project contact us or seek proper
guidance and assistance
Pro-touring f-body reserves the right to change and/or
improve its product and change its prices at any time.

Pro-touring F-body will warranty products that has a
warranty from it's manufacturer, but only according to that
manufacturer's policy and only after approval from that

Items ordered incorrectly, used, miss used, incorrectly
installed and/or used, will not be covered under warranty
and are not subject to refund.

Pro-touring F-body does not pay for return shipping.

Pro-touring F-body reserves the right to revue it's
policies on a per case basis.

All pictures are for illustration only

Restocking fees of 20% may apply.

Please contact us for information.