G-braces in 79 T/A , also
fits power brake and air
conditioning cars.
Performer RPM with shaker
air cleaner assembly.
G-braces in Camaro
with small block
G-braces in a WS6 trans
am with air and power
product pictures
79T/A with   GEN II   
Comp suspension kit.
79 T/A with  GEN II   GT
suspension kit.
Hi performance Pontiac
magazine featured Fire
Am,  March 07
F-body  from Europe
front coil overs suspension
W/Comp rear leaf spring kit
G braces in Trans Am with
Pontiac engine
79 with GEN II  suspension kit
76T/A  GEN II  Comp suspension kit
and complete chassis kit.
Camaro with GT suspension kit
and front end build kit
71  with Race suspension
72 Camaro from Sweden
77 T/A Comp suspension
and Stop flex kit
Keith Smith's wining
auto cross Camaro
G-braces in 72 Camaro
with 1 3/4- 1 7/8" Dynatech
step headers, 700+ HP 440
CI road racing Small block
72 Camaro, Comp suspension
72 Camaro with 315-35-17
tires using Comp leaf
springs, note side exit
exhaust with frame
German road race Camaro
Std. G-braces with CV1
heads in 72 T/A
Pro G-braces in Camaro
with Big Block Chevy
Std. G-braces LS engine
GT suspension 285/40-17
all around
Pro-G braces w/cowl brace
72  full GT suspension &
chassis kit autoX winner
GEN II  equipped autoX Camao
GEN II equipped T/A takes a
trophy at the MCOY event
GEN II equipped recreation of
the venerable Fire AM in print
GEN II equipped 1966 Chevelle
Dodging cones in a 79 T/A
June 2014
May 2014