Race inspired GEN II suspension      
the most versatile kits on the market today
Knox Mountain hill climb
winner, Congrats Johnny!
See the videos

hill climb 1
hill climb 2
Congratulation to Restore A Muscle
Car for a great looking 69 Bird featured
at the 2011 SEMA show using GEN II
tubular control arms, check for more
pictures at   
Restore a Muscle car
Check this awesome 73 from Restore
A Muscle Car, featured at SEMA,
OUSCI, PHR magazine, Hi-Po Pontiac
magazine and the T/A nationals               
Restore a muscle car
This is Travis Hartwell's  awesome 77 T/A one of the heaviest
competing cars with the smallest tires 255 frt. and 285 rear!!
Travis has challenged and beat many of the "big guys" with
nothing but BOLT ONS!!!  and  yes on PTFB leaf springs.

SCCA c.a.m . Nats.                        4th place 2016
SCCA c.a.m. class                         2nd in points 2014
SCCA c.a.m. class                         regional champion 2015
PHR Muscle car of the year        challenge winner
CC  real street eliminator             2nd and 3rd    
SCCA  autoX                                   Record holder
Check out  the April and May issues of High Performance
Pontiac magazine for an in depth article on our 1LE
suspension installation and testing.
And see how a 35 year old  car out handles a 2002 WS6 LS1
Trans Am  for  only
        $2500 in parts!!
Check out the January
issue of Car craft for
details and find out
how this
equipped  T/A  beats
purpose built hi $$$
tube chassis cars!!! ...
and trucks !!!!
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new shop in Dickson TN.

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Expect disruptions as we shut down and restart the shop