NEW shaker base air cleaners are available in two versions to
fit different applications, with high flow washable filters, also
available for Can Am and 74 GTO.
Does not fit scoops with less than 16" ring
* Does not fit AFB style carburetors with electric choke *

EP-401 Pontiac with up to 1.2"* taller manifold              $259.00

Air cleaner spacers 1/8", 1/4", 1/2"                                  $17.00
Cowl induction seal                                                           $39.00

* your dimensions may vary, due to many variables in
carburetor shape and features.
Some fitting may be required or a spacer to clear fuel lines
On Q-jets, customer has to drill the vent hole if applicable.
Solid motor mounts, we have designed a dual
purpose mount that replaces the GM clamshell
design and it fits both Chevy and Pontiac engines

EP-100        $65.00  
We have the full line of Dynatech headers
available, these headers fit  very well and can
support high powered engines, Painted or ceramic
Available only for SB/BB Chevy and LS conversions

Starting at     $249.00