Comp™ Upper Control Arms
Our control arms have all the features you want in a competitively priced package         
such as added camber gain, 5* positive caster, billet steel two position offset cross
shafts, improved ball joint angle, heavy gauge DOM tubing, added wheel clearance,
zero deflection bushings  less weight and more strength.

70-81   upper A-arms                                   2CS-101    $339.00/pr.                          

70-81   A-arms w/ball joints                         2CS-102    $369.00/pr.

70-81   A-arm w/tall ball joint
(top pic)          2CS-103    $449.00/pr.

67-69   A-arm W/tall ball joint
(lower pic)      1CS-103    $449.00/pr.  
Control arms
Comp/Race coil spring lower control arms.

NEW  Daytona lower A-arms™ are made to handle the demands of racing.
Racing style rectangular cnc mandrel bent one piece A-frame.
Added positive caster.
Delrin bushings and spring isolator are standard.           .
Racing lower A-arms come with spherical bearings and tall lower ball joints

70-81        Comp lower A-arms™          2CS-130        $579.00

70-81        Racing lower A-arms           2CS-131        $789.00

67-69        Comp lower A-arms™          1CS-130        $579.00

67-69        Racing lower A-arms           1CS-131        $789.00

64-72        Comp lower A-body             3CS-130        $579.00

64-72         Racing lower A-body          3CS-131        $789.00
GEN II™  A-arm features and benefits.

UPPER A-ARMS: added positive caster, billet offset cross shaft, solid pivot bushings, inter-locked        
welded tubes, revised ball joint angle, more wheel clearance, increased negative camber curve.

LOWER A-ARMS: one piece mandrel bent main frame, adjustable steering stops, added caster,           
better wheel clearance, adjustable ride hight shims, screw in ball joints available.  
"tall spindle kit"
This new GEN II™  geometry correction kit makes your stock "short" spindles into  one   
inch taller spindles with this simple bolt on kit without having to buy expensive spindles.
This kit also improves bump steer. (69 Firebirds use n adjustable bumpsteer kit )

67-69 Camaro             1CS-201             $619.00
67-68 Firebird            1CS-301             $619.00
69 firebird                  1CS-302             $669.00 ( includes adj. bump steer kit)
64-72 A-body              0CS-201             $569.00 (no tie rod ends)