On this page you will find everything related to improving your
chassis's rigidity and stability, the foundation of your car!
3 in 1  " key lock "  Solid Body Bushings
Unlike other solid body bushings these have a key lock design with a steel locator (not an aluminium lip). It Will allow
you to set them at either stock height or 1/2" lower or to "wedge" the body giving you 1" lower look over the front wheels.
Made from 6061 T-6 aluminium and steel,
comes with all new hardware.
Must be used when sub-frame connectors are installed as stock rubber causes too much flex and will crack welds or
oblong bolt holes.
WARNING ! the copy cats have made a cheap copy of our bushings without the steel sleeve.

67-81   OCF-801     $99.00                                 FREE SHIPPING!!   
greatly reduce sub-frame deflection, will fit
with A/C and power brakes, a perfect
compliment to frame connectors and a
must with stiffer springs

70-81   2CF-810   $199.00

Sub-Frame Connectors
Our frame connectors are the best on the market today, with the largest cross sectional area, best fit, most ground
can be bolted or welded, kits are complete with hardware.
PTFB frame connectors are 12% stiffer than the "3way sub frame connectors"

67-69   1CF-821                                         $199.00                                                 

70-81   2CF-821                                         $199.00                                                 
Drive shaft Loop
No-drill drive shaft loops these are transmission

GM 4 spd / Th350        0CF-830        $69.00

Tremec 5spd               0CF-831        $69.00

GM Th400                     0CF-832         $69.00
Sway bar brace.(as used on 1LE cars)
Reduce chassis flex due to heavy sway bar loads and from side loading caused by today's performance tires, also help avoid ripping out the
front sway bar bolts,
Note, will not fit with hollow sway bars, bolts NOT included

70-74   2CF-841    $79.00
also fits 64-72 A-body

75-81   2CF-842    $79.00
also fits 78-96  impala
Chassis components
Performance steering rebuilt kit
Need to rebuild the steering system of your project? This upgrade kit includes our Super Duty tie rod sleeves, and later design forge tie rods
and center link, improve you handling and steering response with a complete new kit

70-81 Firebird    2CS-829        $369.00

70-81 Camaro   2CS-830        $319.00
Front end rebuild kit
Our front end rebuild kit offers all new quality parts from Federal Mogul, Pro Forged, Gen II, new rubber bushings, inner and outer tie rods,
center link, upper and lower ball joints, SD tie rod sleeves and performance sway bar end links.

70-72 Camaro  NOTE kit includes late style tie rods                             2CS-831     $475.00                         

73-81 Camaro                                                                                                 2CS-832     $499.00   

70-73 Firebird/TA   NOTE kit includes late style tie rods                      2CS-833     $519.00

74-81 Firebird/TA                                                                                            2CS-834     $575.00              
Comp front end kit
This s the ultimate way to re-build you front end as well as correcting the inherent short comings of the stock system, we
start off with our
Comp. upper control arms with tall ball joints to allow for greater positive caster and camber settings
zero deflection bearings , our upgraded performance steering components that includes our Super Duty tie rod
We finish this kit with Delrin bushings, and sever duty lower ball joints.

70-81  Comp front end kit   Camaro                                                 2CS-835     $779.00                                  

70-81  Comp front end kit   Firebird, T/A                                         2CS-836     $829.00                                 
NOTE: tell us the year of the lower control arms being used
GM  racing 800 steering box
Here is the perfect steering box to upgrade your old GM muscle car box to a modern tight road feel and control, don't be
fooled by the used rebuilt "iroc" boxes they are just as sloppy and used as the box you need to replace without the
benefits of a properly built steering box
  •  Plated for corrosion protection and good looks
  •  Available in 12:1 ratio (call for other ratios)
  •  Available to fit you steering column without an adaptor rag joint (700 and 800 boxes only)
  •  Metric O-ring

  • 670 steering box kit   LIMITED AVAILABILITY                                                  0CS-838       $599.00
         New rag joint, must be used if you car does not have 3/4"-30 shaft           0CS-839       $64.00
  • 800 racing steering box zinc plated.                                 3/4-30 spline         0CS-840       $479.00
                                                                                                    13/16-36 spline         0CS-841       $479.00
Cowl brace
Connect  our G-braces together at the
cowl to help spread load over all the
mounting points, anodized aluminum.

May not fit some Chevrolet  engines

70-81   2Cf-812     $95.00
True-steer bump steer correction kit
When lowering the suspension, running custom caster and camber setting can cause unwanted bump steer, our
True-steer bump steer kit is built with over sized 3/4 bearing ends to provide superior steering rigidity even with racing
tires, toe setting can be adjusted without removing the assembly.
PLEASE NOTE: this kit fits the second design inner tie rod

70-81  True-steer bump steer kit        2CS-828       $149.00   
Combo #1

  • Body bushings
  • frame connectors


Combo #2

  • Body bushings
  • frame connectors
  • G-braces

Combo #3
  • Body bushings
  • frame connectors
  • G-braces
  • Sway bar brace


  • 30% MORE RIGID
70-81 2CF-811     $299.00              
The modern Type II pump is perfect companion to any steering box, these aluminum pumps run
cooler and withstand the rigors of racing.

Type II pump kit                           $379.00
Chevy block mount bracket      $55.00
4 point modular bolt in roll bar (not a "cage" as miss named by others)
We designed our roll bar to give the enthusiast a bolt in roll bar without having to compromise       
with non regulation size tubing or expensive  and unsafe swivel connections, our slip joint and
welded clamp system will give your car the rigidity you are looking for.

4 point roll bar system  ( no cross bar )       2cf-900                
Cross bar   ( new improved design )            2cf-901                $79.00
Rocker bars                                                       2cf-902                $99.00
Pro-touring door bar set   ( new improved ) 2cf-903                $240.00
Drag race door bar set                                    2cf-904                $160.00

Note: roll bars are sold unfinished raw steel.
The manufacturer makes no claim, implied or otherwise that this roll bar meets
sanctioning     body regulations or is made to provide roll over protection. Over size shipping