A.X. special & GT Special
Here is another PRO-TOURING F-BODY exclusive designed for     
maximum  braking but yet remove as much unsprung weight       
as  possible on autoX cars,  we started with 12.19" X 1.250"         
light  weight  rotors for the best in heat  management as well        
as the  most weight savings, bolted to aluminum hubs,

NOTE: this kit comes with 1/2-20 extended wheel studs

0CB-301   A.X. special cross drilled rotor              $1199.00
0CB-302   GT Special sloted face rotor                   $1199.00  
0CB-100   AN3 hose kit                                                  $65.00  
When it comes to brakes, size does mater, PRO-TOURING             
developed  a racing brake kit that is all about function we did
not adapt brakes from another car.
13.125" X 1.250" true race grade curved vane rotors (our competitors  
use smaller or even cheap auto part store rotors).
Two piece scalloped and aluminum isolated rotor mounting greatly
reduces heat transfer to the hubs and bearings.  
Wilwood Superlite series or US Brakes F-88 aluminum calipers,

NOTE: these kits comes with extended 1/2-20 wheel studs and
BP-10 pads except road race kit uses BP-20 pads

0CB-401   road race staggered pistons   SL4-13RT     $1549.00
0CB-402   GT  big piston calipers               SL4-13GT     $1429.00
cross drilling                                                    add   $150.00/pr
0CB-100      AN3 hose kit                                         $65.00
Todays performance cars have the ability to do things that were only
the dreams of hi-end exotic cars just a few short years ago, but you   
need great brakes to control the power and handling.
At PRO-TOURING F-BODY we  started with a clean slate, we did not    
just put bigger rotors and 6 piston calipers on drag race kits or             
adapted an OE braking system to fit, please contact us for help on      
choosing the right brake system for your car.
Rear brake kit w/parking brake
This is the perfect kit to upgrade from drum brakes or obsolete   
and  problematic  OEM rear disc brakes, this kit Incorporates       
modern mini drum parking brakes. kits are with BP10 pads         
upgrades available
Dynalite 4 piston, 12.190  rotor                                        $759.00
D154 caliper, 12.190 rotor                                                $759.00
Cross drilled rotors                                               add      $100.00
Aluminum master cylinder

-GM big body style master cylinder.
- New aluminum casting
- 1"stainless bore
- Outlets on both sides for easy plumbing in tight applications
- manual or power application

0CB-010     Aluminum master cylinder             $110.00
Adjustable proportioning valve
This new combo valve makes for  an easy clean install and can
be mounted with a standard GM  offset bolt pattern bracket, it
also features separate front and  rear circuits and a pressure  
switch for easy brake light hook  up if desired.

Multi application                   $79.00        
Our  13 " brake kits
fit most 17" wheels
pictured is a Year
One Rally II  wheel
Big twin calipers kit.
For the enthusiast that wants to upgrade their brakes
but wants to retain a 15 inch wheel this is your best
option, a Wilwood large twin piston aluminum caliper,
available in red or black the kit comes complete with
stainless brake lines, performance street pads and
two calipers ( other pad compounds available at extra

D52-10R, D52-10B                                       
A,F&X disc brake kit.
PRO-TOURING F-BODY is offering this front disc brake
conversion for 67-69 F-body, 64-72 A-body and 68-74
X-body. Featuring larger 11" rotor Wilwood big twin
aluminum calipers stainless brake lines rotors and
hardware kit, in Black or Red.

AFX-D52B, AFX-D52R                         
Cross drilled rotors                  add   $80.00